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Stage 2 series

The Sixth Element products are high tech products using the Quantum Physical Technology to increase engine power and enhance fuel economy. You only need about 5 seconds after plugging in the PowerBar plug in the cigarette lighter socket of your car to experience the Quantum Technology function. It improves the electricity conductivity and provides better signal transmission in the Electric Control Unit to smooth the gear shifting and reduce fuel consumption.

The T1 PowerChip was installed on the negative battery terminal. The image effect became clearer and brighter, the stereo high-pitched voice had a more 3D feeling, the bass level became more solid. The product has a patent style plus the national safety certification, a 10-year warranty and a value of up to NT 50 million dollars liability insurance cover by Tokio Marine Newa Insurance Co., Ltd.

  • Replaces the traditional engine washing method
  • Cleans and activates rubber / plastic components , metal rejuvenating spray
  • Returns original vehicle horsepower
  • Reduces the resistance of the circuit
  • Environmental friendly materials and has passed SGS chemical non-toxic certification
  • Using ultra-cold principles, cleans engine and forms a protective film
  • Prevents moisture intrusion or mechanical oxidation
  • Easily clean engine dirt and fine dust
  • Bottle capacity: 600 CC (high pressure gas, weight: 420g ± 5%)

  • Refines and catalyses fuel by using Quantum technology
  • The effect can be maintained 20,000 km after use. ( Only one bottle needed for 20,000 km)
  • Reduces engine exhaust temperature, extends component service life
  • Environmental friendly materials and has passed SGS chemical non-toxic certification
  • Awarded 4 star perfect score evaluations by car magazines






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