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To free electrons effectively, enhance the computer response.

Browse through our website’s product information to learn more about how the Sixth Element products using free electrons to enhance computer response and for better fuel economy. Now the fuel-efficiency expert will explain the features of the various products through video.


You can better understand the features of several of Sixth Element products through road tests and as explained by the fuel-efficiency expert.
We know how the Sixth Element products use free electrons to enhance computer response and to enhance fuel economy. Now the fuel-efficiency expert will explain the features of various products through videos.

介由第六元素SIXTH ELEMENT的量子效能達到輕載,降溫,優化工作效率達到提昇效能的量子科技產品 , 可以應用支援環保節能,如車輛引擎降低引擎工作溫度提昇效能節省燃費支出10%-15% 並延長機件壽命。 同時支援窯燒工業減少瓦斯用量6%-10% , 節能應用支援公司、企業、大賣場、家用冷氣機壓縮機輕載提昇冷氣效能節省電費支出8%-10% , 符合環保新世代的量子科技產品。
Let’s quickly browse through the Sixth Element products! Not limited to brands and vehicle types, they support and optimize the performance of all automotive engines. They can upgrade engine response, lower temperature, enhance fuel economy, increase horsepower and is environmentally friendly. The PowerBar and the PowerChip products have a 10-year warranty and can be used for a life-time.
07M-BENZ S350 W221車量總重2.157kg,從礁溪行駛國道5號回台北測試29公里:安裝SIXTH ELEMENT第六元素stage4優化組合安裝後實測每100公里油耗量最低7.6公升換算每一公升高速油耗達13.15公里,超越原廠公佈的一公升 10.1公里油耗當時使用SPORT模式D檔時速維持80公里上下,(安裝前本車高速油耗實測約每公升10-10.5公里)
後輪胎配置規格275/40/19ZR 8活塞後4活塞大卡鉗碟盤加重的重量未加入。
07M-BENZ S350 W221車量總重2.157kg,從安坑行駛國道3號往大溪下交流道測試14公里(平均時速91公里):安裝SIXTH ELEMENT第六元素stage4優化組合安裝後實測每100公里油耗量最低8.2公升換算每一公升高速油耗達12.19公里,超越原廠公佈的一公升 10.1公里油耗,­­當時使用SPORT模式D檔時速維持80公里上下,(安裝前本車高速油耗實測約每公升10-10.5公里)
後輪胎配置規格275/40/19ZR 8活塞後4活塞大卡鉗碟盤加重的重量未加入。

※ Replace the traditional washing engine method. Using the ultra-cold principle, clean and activate the rubber / plastic components, metal reducing spraying. (Environmentally friendly materials that have passed the SGS chemical non-toxic certification and carry NT 50 millions product liability insurance, thus consumers can feel comfortable when using these products.)
First, shut down the engine. Let the engine cool down. K-Power is a high pressure flammable gas, thus the engine temperature must be under 50℃ when spraying to avoid fire from happening. Install the spraying nozzle (It is recommended to spray K-Power to a small limited area first to test if any abnormal conditions will occur. If everything goes well, then continue spraying on the other areas) and apply to the alternator, belts and battery terminals as well as the other components inside the engine room. When cleaning the belts, you can spray it on both sides of the belt. K-Power can also clean electrical circuit switch contact points, windshield wipers, windshields, rubber and plastic components, headlight covers, battery connectors, engine, alternator… (Note: K-Power is an insulation material, so do not spray on the relays which are stored inside the fuse box and please do not open the fuse box.) 5 minutes after spraying, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the components. It does not matter if you cannot reach and wipe places inside the engine room, just let K-Power dry on the surface. Start the engine and you have finished cleaning the engine quickly.

Recommended dosage: Large car: 3 bottles; Small car: 2 bottles. (You can control the spraying amount by the pressing strength on the nozzle)




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